Peta Delahunty

How to become a master at multitasking in 6 easy steps!

Despite the fact studies have shown that multitasking is not an efficient way of working, we still do it. Stamford University’s findings in 2013 stated that it not only kills your performance but also your brain cells! According to their studies, multitasking reduces efficiency and performance because your brain can only focus on one thing at a time. Uh-oh!

But as freelancers and small business owners, what are we to do, as there is always a constant demand to get a million things done every day? We don’t have the luxury of admin staff to remove some of our juggling balls from us. So, instead it looks like we will just have to take the gamble and work out a way to minimise that brain drain!

Can you really escape on holiday as a freelancer?

The reason we become freelancers is to be our own boss, to set our own hours and have the flexibility we crave. This makes it sound almost bohemian. But as much as freelancing gives you a sense of freedom from the shackles of a corporate office, it throws up issues when you decide that you need a complete break. Well, it would if you are able to relax and switch off. The last thing you want are clients contacting you all hours and, god forbid, interrupting that mojito on the beach!

Your ultimate cheat sheet to being a great networker

Does walking into a room of strangers terrify you? For most it is up there with cold calling on the uncomfortable scale. Yet with statistics showing that 70% of professional’s value face-to-face networking over online interaction, we cannot avoid it! Despite the wonders of technology there is no technology that can replace that in-person networking.

Questions you need to ask to do an awesome copywriting job!

There is nothing worse than spending ages on some great copy only to find out that the client wanted something completely different. It adds hours to your work and means you have less time to meet the deadline. It can also result in working at a very low rate, if you are charging a one off project fee, when you equate your wasted time and effort.