12 ways of how to stay productive when freelance work slows

As a freelancer, I have times where life is going at formula one speed and I almost forget to
breathe, and then all of a sudden – the brakes go on! You’d think having some downtime
would be great but as a freelancer, it just gives you more time to panic – where’s the next
paycheck coming from? Am I ever going to get work again? Then the imagination goes into
hyperdrive, and before you know in your mind your business has collapsed and you are
homeless and destitute!

How will stepping out of your comfort zone boost your success?

I heard this the other day and it really resonated. A few years ago, I returned to work after being a stay at home mum and the job I took was great but didn’t challenge me enough. Yet, it was perfect for building my confidence and re-affirm that I was capable and good at what I do. I decided I needed to push myself more and challenge my abilities. It was then I made the scary decision to become a freelance copywriter!