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How to stay connected as a lonely freelancer

Having worked in busy offices, I understand the social benefits of being in close proximity to colleagues. Whether you are discussing the latest episode of Game of Thrones at the coffee machine, bouncing ideas regarding a client or celebrating a birthday, these can be welcome distractions in your working day. There are even colleagues who cross the boundaries of work and become life-long friends beyond the confines of the office.

Why freelancers should free themselves of guilt

As I freelancer, why do I always feel so guilty? I could put it down to my catholic upbringing which, despite my lapsed status, is still deeply ingrained within me. Or I am simply suffering the well-known affliction of freelance guilt? A disorder that leads to daily self-reproach for just about everything – not being productive enough, working too little, having time off, not using every minute of the day to work, not doing enough admin – gosh the list is endless! With no formal set ‘desk hours’, you feel you should be working 24/7 or you are not working hard enough and wasting time.

How to become a master at multitasking in 6 easy steps!

Despite the fact studies have shown that multitasking is not an efficient way of working, we still do it. Stamford University’s findings in 2013 stated that it not only kills your performance but also your brain cells! According to their studies, multitasking reduces efficiency and performance because your brain can only focus on one thing at a time. Uh-oh!

But as freelancers and small business owners, what are we to do, as there is always a constant demand to get a million things done every day? We don’t have the luxury of admin staff to remove some of our juggling balls from us. So, instead it looks like we will just have to take the gamble and work out a way to minimise that brain drain!