So is grammar really that important

There is so much written on blogs, websites and books about punctuation and grammar. I am sure we have all laughed at the result of a misplaced comma or spelling mistake, for example, and even shared it!


October 5, 2016

So, copywriting work must be triple checked before submission – you don’t want your words to join the grammar mistakes hall of fame.

Here are some examples of why spelling and grammar are always vitally important:

Where’s the comma or full stop when you need it?….

But it is not just spelling and commas you have to be careful of – good copy can be written, for example, for an ad but then placed in an inappropriate place:

And don’t forget the importance of a good headline!

And also be careful what slogan you use to encourage business…

We can agree that grammar is important and can ruin your message (and reputation!). Always proofread so you don’t have any of the above bloopers happen to you!


Peta Delahunty

Peta Delahunty is the founder and copywriting specialist at Creative Copywriting. With a passion for crafting concise and impactful copy, she helps businesses and entrepreneurs boost brand presence within their target audience. (

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